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International Street Cannibals

ballets & solos

Music by Dan Cooper, Part Hardish, Otto Luening,
Joseph Pehrson, Gene Pritsker

Performed by The International Street Cannibals

Good Time (Pehrson)
Fantasia and Dance (Luening)
A Challenge to the Dark (Pritsker)
Solo For Pete (Hardish)
Dance Suite (Cooper)
Dance Sonata (Luening)
Dead Souls (Baker)

International Street Cannibals Present
The Chamber and Electronic Music of
Gene Pritsker

What Occurred in the Light, Goes On in the Dark
A Tribal Second
Electronic C17H21NO4
A casampella
Electronic poem #1- reflections on Roethke's "Elegy for Jane"
Credit System of Truth - tempo = 120
Credit System of Truth - tempo = 98
Credit System of Truth - tempo = 60
Credit System of Truth - tempo = 140
Sweet Plantain, a String Quartet
We Call Upon the Earth
Words: Chinook Blessing
In Memory of Giampaolo Bracali

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The International Street Cannibals on Composers Concordance Records

June, 2011 release
Works for Strings: Hindemith, Pritsker, Schoenberg, Schubert
Schoenberg - Waltzes for Strings
Hindemith - Bass Sonata (transcribed by John Feeney)
Schubert - String Trio D 471 in B flat
Pritsker - To See the Ashes of our Fires Turn Gray and Cold
Krista Bennion Feeney and Lynn Bechtold, violins; Dan Barrett, cello; John Feeney, bass, and members of The International Street Cannibals

October, 2011 release
Non Western Omelette
Music by Luciano Berio, Dan Cooper, Paul Hindemith, Guillaume de Machaut/Barrett, Dary John Mizelle, Arvo Pärt, Gene Pritsker, James "Nyoraku" Schlefer, and Tyrolian folk tunes

December, 2011 release
Beethoven: Sonatas for Pianoforte and Violoncello
Opus 5, #2 in G minor
Opus 64, in D minor
Opus 17, in F major
Dan Barrett, cello; Joshua Pierce, piano