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May 26, 2017

Air Schoenberg: Connecting Flights

...ensemble performed a program, called "Air Schoenberg: Connecting Flights," at St. Marks Church in the Bowery that centered around Schoenberg’s quartet. As they write in the program notes, the music of the evening focused on "compositions that were key to Schoenberg’s growth, and later ones effected [sic] by this revolutionary work" including works by "Schoenberg’s mentors and influential figures of the canon Zemlinsky, Brahms, and Schubert), students (Berg, Webern and Korngold) and students of students..."

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March 25, 2017

Air Schoenberg: Connecting Flights invitation that took us straight to the heart of Romantic passion in all its grandeur and seriousness, complete with wild black hair and red poppies as striking visual touches. Still from early 20th century Vienna, Anton Webern's intimate 5 songs from Der siebente Ring, the first foray into atonality of Schoenberg’s student, beautifully blossomed while celebrating life and nature with attractive melodic lines and subtle poetic undertones.

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March 23, 2017

Tone-Rows By Any Other Name...

Here, though, it was given an absolutely ferocious performance by the stunning Uzbek violinist Anna Tsukervanik. This was not the language of spaces, but of sheer emotional anger, the harmonics, the pizzicati the sinuous bowings given a language all their own.

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March 15, 2017

International Street Cannibals, Feasting on Schoenberg

Music history doesn’t have many neat watershed moments, but a pivotal work in the career of Schoenberg — and the development of Western music — was his String Quartet No. 2 (Op. 10), written when he was shaken by personal trauma. The enterprising new-music ensemble International Street Cannibals takes this quartet as fodder for an evening

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February 08, 2016

The International Street Cannibals provide a Debussy-inspired feast

"A prime exhibit in the case could be the excellent concert given Sunday afternoon at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery by the uniquely named ensemble International Street Cannibals. ICS played new and recent music..."

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April 23, 2015

Get ready to rumble: Strike! brings together boxing and Bach at Gleason's Gym

"Welcome to Strike!, a unique event that will bring together the sweet science with Bach, Mozart, and original compositions penned by ISC founder Dan Barrett and others. It promises to be a really different way to spend a Saturday night". Read Full Story

April 20, 2015

Strike! On BK TV

BK TV interviews Dan Barrett, Director of The International Street Cannibals and Peitro D'Alessio of Gleason's GYM. Watch Now

March 15, 2013

Striking a chord: Boxing and chamber music duke it out at Gleason’s

The event called “Strike!” is a novel combination of music, dance, and exhibition fighting from a pack of Gleason’s younger boxers.  Read Full Artice

March 15, 2013

Flutes, Violins, Belly Dancers and Boxing Fuse at Gleason's Gym in DUMBO

"Strike!" is exemplary of the purpose of The International Street Cannibals. It was founded in 2005 by seasoned musicians and composers to create "a laboratory for ritual and artistic expression that defies assumptions regarding performance spaces and audiences."   Read Full Story

March 14, 2013

Three Rounds of Boxing

"Since 2005, the maverick collective of well-traveled composers and instrumentalists have merged their new and classical repertoire with the work of athletes, singers, dancers and videographers — for performances at St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery, the HOWL! Festival, (Le) Poisson Rouge and the Brooklyn anchor location of Gleason’s Gym." Read Full Story

March 13, 2013

This Ring Cycle Comes With Gloves

"In this corner—weighing in at approximately 10 pounds, from parts unknown but presumably in the trunk of a tree—a cello! A recent afternoon at Gleason's Gym in Dumbo offered the unusual sight: musician Dan Barrett in the ring, up against the ropes and working his hands, sending sonorous notes..."  Read Full Story

March 13, 2013


"The best boxing matches are like vibrant dances, the sights and sounds coming together in exciting yet violent ways. On March 16, New York City’s own International Street Cannibals, a new music collective whose goals include bringing contemporary and classical music to new performance venues, educating young audiences, expanding the instrument repertoire, and putting together unique collaborations..." Read Full Story

March 13, 2013

Where Classical Music Meets Boxing

"a mixture of chamber music, dance and boxing that will be performed at famous Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO. We spoke to ISC director Dan Barrett about the event—how he convinced the boxing gym to sign on, how boxing relates to music, and how dance pulls it all together." Read Full Story

March 11, 2013

Chamber Musicians Bring A Whole New Ring To Brooklyn Boxing Gym

"In one ring, there's music and dancing. All of the elements are timed to either be the length of a boxing round or the rest period between rounds. After a full "bout" concert, goers can turn their attention to another ring..." Read Full Story

March 6, 2013

Strike! Talk about a ring cycle

"The sweet science meets sweet sounds when the International Street Cannibals new music collective teams up with boxers from this fabled Dumbo gym. Short sets of three-minute contemporary and vintage chamber pieces..." Read Full Story

October 17, 2012

International Street Cannibals Present Fishy Business

"Multimodal music ensemble The International Street Cannibals swam into St. Marks-in-the-Bowery on Sunday night for an eclectic mix of water-themed works." Read Full Story

October 15, 2006

Gleason’s Ring Cycle

BOBBING and weaving through the center ring, two young boxers exchanged hooks and jabs at Gleason’s Gym on a recent Saturday. As they duked it out in the famous Dumbo gym, an ensemble of classical musicians upstaged them in an adjacent ring, playing a sweet rendition of Erwin Schulhoff’s Concertino for Flute, Viola and Contrabass, a moody and at times jazzy chamber music piece.  Read Full Story