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"Ballets & Solos is a product of the composer-driven ensemble International Street Cannibals, conducted ably by Dan Barrett. They juxtapose three chamber ensemble pieces with a number of solo compositions. The group pieces have in common a rock insistency, especially Joseph Pehrson's "Good Time" and Dan Cooper's "Dance Suite." The latter piece even begins with a kind of heavy metal riff transfigured and extended in a contemporary classical mode. Gene Pritsker's "A Challenge in the Dark" has a mellifluous quality combined with the contrapuntal complexity of a post-Stravinskian sound world." - Gapple Gate Music Review

"The complex side of his work gets its due moment in the spotlight in the majestic four-part suite, "Credit System of Truth," a meandering composition worked around shifting measures of the quarter note, showing Pritsker at his dense best. The work plunges into the world of timbral values with absolute verity. Tonal color is also used here with a great deal of ingenuity and inspiration. The string ensemble, Sweet Plantain Quartet—here without the voice of Coleman—gives a fine account of themselves as they navigate through rapid changes in harmonics and maneuvers expertly in the rhythmic labyrinth as well." - All About Jazz

Music by Dan Cooper, Part Hardish, Otto Luening, Joseph Pehrson, Gene Pritsker Performed by The International Street Cannibals

International Street Cannibals Present solo-duo-trio-quartet-quintet The Chamber and Electronic Music of Gene Pritsker

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